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We deliver following services:

–          Website design and Development

–          Static and Dynamic website design

–          E-commerce website development

–          Response website designing

–          Website online marketing: SEO,SMO,SEM

–          Mobile application development: I-phone, Android, Blackberry

–          Advance graphic designing

–          Video mixing

–          Audio mixing

–          Laptop repairing

–          Accounting package

–          Diploma in hardware


We are leading in the sector of IT and hardware too. Our website is regarded one of the best website in this field. There are only few who can match our level. We have been contributing a lot since many years. Lots of websites have been designed by us. Thousands of people learn from us everyday personally from their home through our websites and other means of communications as well. Representing the best web design, we create most efficient multi browser compatible websites with use of the latest technologies in HTML5, CSS3 and Java script, your website shall reflect miracles. Our web design creations have been tested over 30 browsers and other platforms, and ensures minimum loading time, even in low bandwidth as a result of optimized multimedia in web pages. It might not sound much to you, but it does when your websites receive thousands hits a day. When your website enters its marketing core, it becomes equally important for it to get organized as your business structure does. Your website acts as a representative of your organization and depicts its presence over the internet. So, to improvise this so – called presence, and to meet your needs and requirements, we have come up with a flexible range of website design services, that one of them is sure to reach your targets to its best.


We design web pages as our clients want it to be. Furthermore, for higher efficiency, we provide every information of its advantages as well as disadvantages to all of our clients, prior to initialization of the designing process. In addition, the service also meets all efforts for any size of website and its preplanning procedures. You might want to take a look at the following Static Web Design Plans provided below. Our counseling could play a vital role on your decision of choosing one of them. Static Web Design works best when you think of making your business online. It’s furthermore perfect when you have small number of web pages and if you do not need to update its contents more frequently. This layout is known most optimal for personal websites, small business organizations and non – profit organizations that need to display their services and products within a small website. This concept is less expensive but more efficient.


If you know of Content Management System, you might also want to check out the graphical properties that Dynamic Website can reflect. Overall, this modern approach of weaving all web needs weighs much more than any other web design methods. With use of universal CMS programs such as Word Press, we also provide you a user – friendly control panel that you can use to monitor your website by your own. Apart from this, we have also developed similar kind of other CMS programs with customized features and their implementations at Supreme IT Solutions. Dynamic Website works great when you think of making a large website and that requires frequent content updates and changes as well. For medium to large scale organizations, dynamic websites favor extra benefits. We work on websites that actually work and not that has irrelevant existence. We care about your convenience so far that we worked for a couple of weeks just to introduce you our Dynamic Web Design Plans as a categorized information panel. Responsive Web Design Its 21st century and if I’m not wrong, even digital cameras or the latest television set can browse web pages today. The point is, your website needs to be optimized for every possible internet gadget. Whether a tablet phone, a personal computer or an iPhone, your audience can make use of any of them and would not want to get annoyed by the message “Cannot Load Webpage”. Demand a website for your needs and leave the rest to our Responsive Web Design professionals. With the advancement in use of mobile phones, the trend of browsing through the World Wide Web network has changed its concept within internet users. People would rather use pocket devices as they are simply portable and do not require much favorable conditions to operate. So, What Exactly Is a Responsive Website? A Responsive Website has a flexible layout and adapts itself with the dimension and other aspects of the audience’s screen. This method is much more efficient as it provides uniform browsing sessions with every device on the internet.


We have the Best Web Hosting Plans with every advantageous aspect that you would seek for. Faster, Steadier and Consistent web space enclosed with some of the best features ever needed. Ultimately, ensured with the most effective tools, offering you 99.99% server readability and 24/7 technical support. When it comes to flawlessness, we do not entertain compromises. Perfectness has been our greatest asset. To achieve this objective, we started Supreme IT Solutions with the hardest efforts that we could make. We offer you our keenest contributions, all meant to handle your complete web needs, at the most affordable price known yet.


We create logo design, corporate identity, business card, brochure design that employs state of the art Graphics  and assists businesses by providing creative and effective graphic design.

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