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Written By : www.npcomputercourse.com Published on 2013-11-05
www.no1nayakhoz.com   Top Nepali News Website

no1nayakhoz.com is a Nepali online news and entertainment webportal founded in 2013 to express the news, events and every sort of happenings of Nepal and Nepalese people living in different parts of the world. It has no partisan in political affiliation. It seeks to present the well balanced news and offers a wide range of […]


Written By : www.npcomputercourse.com Published on 2013-11-05
radiobindas.com   radiobindas.com

Radio Bindas, one of the most effective electronic media has been proven the most convent means of spreading information or promoting a product especially for the sectors where other means can find appear. A radio station with higher transmission power provides best result in output of advertising by reaching a larger Masson the road or […]


Written By : www.npcomputercourse.com Published on 2013-11-05
Himshikhar Poultry Breeding Farm   Himshikhar Poultry Breeding Farm

We are situated at near Ratnanagar-3, Chitwan, Nepal. We specialise in producing free range Poultry Breeding processed on our farm. They are feed a cereal diet and allowed to roam freely, grown to full maturity, producing marbling in the meat for you to enjoy excellent taste and texture. We supply to high quality restaurants, butchers, […]